Other game variations

The game may be adjusted or extended in different variations. Use your imagination!

Publish your own variation

Imaginary Melvin

In this variation a tiny, imaginary man named ‘Melvin’ sits on the drink of every player. A player, who has to drink, needs to take Melvin off the drink (with thumb and index finger) before he takes his sips. After the player finished drinking, Melvin has to be placed on the drink again. If a player forgets placing Melvin off or on his drink, he has to drink again – minding Melvin of course.

Down the Drain

A 0.5 liter glass is placed in the middle of the table. The glass in the middle is empty. Who draws the Waterfall-card while playing, has to fill the glass halfway with his drink, the function of the Waterfall-card is suspended for this variation. But whoever draws the third Waterfall-card has to ex the glass in the middle.

Iron Bladder

The Joker can only be used to redirect sips. During the game, no one is allowed to go to the bathroom at any time.

Quiz Master

As long as a player has a Ghost in front of him, he is the Quiz Master and none of the other players is allowed to answer his questions. If a player answers one of the Quiz Master‘s questions, that player has to take a sip. Unlike in the normal game, the Ghost is not returned to the discard pile unless another player becomes Quiz Master by drawing a Ghost. (That player then becomes the new Quiz Master.)

Ring of Fire

In addition to the beverages of the players a drink (this can be a glass of Schnapps or a bottle of beer) is placed separately on the center of the table. Instead of the game stack The Waterfall Game cards are placed face down in a circle around the glass (‘Ring of Fire’), the cards should overlap so that there is no gap in the ‘Ring of Fire’. The game mechanics described in the manual do not change. A Player turns over a card from the ‘Ring of Fire’ and executes the action shown on the card. After the card is turned over and its action has been executed, the next player in clockwise direction is at turn. Should a player add a gap to the ‘Ring of Fire’, that player must drink from the beverage in the middle of the circle. If the drink in the middle is a small glass of Schnapps, it gets refilled. For beer or mixed drinks only the player only takes a sip from the bottle or the glass. The action of the card is executed and the ‘Ring of Fire’ (if possible) gets closed again.


In this version, the Ghost is used differently: The player who turns over the Ghost may ask the other players a trivia question. The player who first answers correctly doesn‘t have to drink, the others have to. Every player has only one try, though. Afterwards, the Ghost is returned to the discard pile.

Jiggle Wiggle

As long as a player has a Fidget in front of him, that player is the Jiggle Wiggle. Any strange actions performed by that player have to be copied by the others. The player who last copies the Jiggle Wiggle‘s action has to take a sip. Unlike in the normal game, the Copycat card is not returned to the discard pile unless another player becomes the Jiggle Wiggle by drawing a Copycat card. (That player then becomes the new Jiggle Wiggle.)

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